BPA Free Plastic Water Bottles

What is BPA Free Plastic Water Bottles?

bpa free plastic water bottlesBisphenol A (or BPA for short) is an amalgam used in the developing of various plastics. There has been much information in the main stream media about the harm caused by BPA leakage in to the drinking water or food of packages constructed with BPA. BPA is an endocrine interrupter and can impersonate the body's own hormones which may direct to harmful health effects when consumed in high quantities. Authoritarian bodies have ascertained safety levels for humans, but those safety levels are at present being debated as a result of on-going scientific discoveries.

The research on the consequences of BPA in the human system is very much in their formative years. The Endocrine Society has articulated uneasiness over current human contact to BPA, reporting that BPA emerges to be torrential in amounts in the human body from a multitude of unidentified supplies. Studies done in 2009 on mice have shown that BPA contamination causes long term undesirable reproductive tribulations during prenatal vital periods. Neonatal exposure to BPA also upsets ovarian development, and this is only the tip of the iceberg as ongoing studies are still being conducted. While there is much dispute about their outcomes, do you really want to continue drinking out of perilous plastic water bottles while studies are coming up with the results?

Even if you pay no attention to the propaganda about BPA, these ecological worries are an adequate amount to justify everyone switching from purchasing bottled water or carrying your own around in a BPA free water bottle. If you insist on carrying your own sports/water bottles, buy ones which are BPA free. It takes 10 liters of water to manufacture a 1 liter throwaway plastic water bottle and 200ml of oil goes into the construction of a 600ml throwaway plastic water bottle. In The United States, 1,500 disposable water bottles become refuse every second. This is why it is important to use sports/ water bottles which are BPA free. You help save the environment and safeguard yourselves from unwanted ailments.

Choose sports/water bottles with single, double walls or ones which are vacuum insulated. Look out for ones which have no linings, and if plastic is a component such as lids and caps, that they are completely BPA free. More and more sports/water bottle Companies have become more eco-friendly, and take extreme care to produce ones which are BPA free. Check the label before purchasing and make sure that your sports/water bottle is free of this contaminant. You may not feel the impact a year or even three from now, but ultimately, BPA contamination can lead to grievous harm. Discard used plastic bottles. Often, people tend to re-fill empty plastic bottles and use them over and over. There are even some who place hot beverages inside them. This must not be practiced as more often than not, BPA seepage occurs and will cause harm to the body system.

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BPA Free Plastic Water Bottles

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Airtight Plastic Containers

Airtight Plastic Containers Helps Preserve Food

Airtight Plastic ContainersAn easy answer to storage problems is plastic containers with snap on lids. These containers make everyday living fun and fuss free. Made with PVC or PET, these are FDA approved and are made of food grade plastic. Clear plastic containers come in a variety of shapes and sizes that satisfies everyone's storage needs.

In the home, clear plastic containers with snap on lids are a popular choice for storing kitchen essentials. Deep rectangular tubs keep your sugar, cereal, and flour safe. The snap on lid provides an airtight seal which allows food to have a longer storage life. Tall cylindrical containers easily store pasta and tall items. You'll also love how you can stack containers like the stackables, which has an interlocking design. You can free up more shelf space safely. There are no worries of containers tumbling down on you.

The high transparency that comes with these plastic containers is great for organizing your garage or shed. Store nails, nuts, bolts and everything else in these jars. You can be sure they will stay dust-free and rust-free. Plus, you know where everything is at a glance. No more digging through items on a shelf to look for that screwdriver. There's no danger of a shattered mess in case you drop a container too. PVC and PET are made of high impact resistant materials and survive falls beautifully.

Tubs and square-shaped containers are great for storing your children's art materials. Store crayons, markers, and colored pencils in appropriate sized containers. Your child will love how easy it is to open them with the snap on lid. Use plastic containers to collect and store stray toys as well.

From crafting to fishing, hobbyists can enjoy the practicality these containers with snap on lids bring. Storing scissors, glue, buttons, and glitter is a breeze and can be put away neatly. Store tackles, strings, and lure separately. The convenience of snap on lids allow you to use just one hand when you're busy doing the things you love.

Because they're made of food grade plastic, PVC and PET containers make family outings more fun and convenient. From squares or rounds, differently shaped food storage allows you to prepare healthy, home-cooked meals you can take with you anytime. Your kids will like the freshness of their food and you know they're eating a nutritious, balanced meal.

Merchants and vendors benefit from using containers with snap on lids. They allow you to display your products attractively. From hardware to candy stores, consumers like the fact that they see what they buy. Vendors love that their products stay safe and hygienic. Candy store owners can display colorful gums, chocolates, and candies in attractive flattened globe shaped jars and arrange them for an attractive display. They can also use specially made items like egg-shaped jars or the Christmas tree-shaped ones for themed products that are perfect for the holidays or as presents.

Whether you use containers with snap on lids for personal or business purposes, one thing is sure, PET and PVC clear plastic containers have revolutionized the way items are stored and displayed. They're durable, impact resistant, transparent, and reusable. Only your imagination can put a limit to how clear plastic containers with snap on lids can be used.

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Airtight Plastic Containers 

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BPA Free Plastic Containers

BPA Free Plastic Containers

What Is BPA Free Plastic Containers?

BPA Free Plastic ContainersBisphenol A, or BPA, is a compound commonly used in the production of plastics. It has been around in plastic products for more than fifty years and has been suspected of being hazardous since the 1930s. Not until 2008, though, have regular concerns of the use of this compound in plastics been raised. After several government reports were issued regarding its safety, many products containing this compound, such as water bottles, have been recalled and retailers have pulled them from their shelves. As a result, BPA free products are now in high demand.

BPA is an estrogen-mimicking compound. If the levels of this compound in a person are above the safety level, it can disrupt the natural function of the person's own hormones, leading to negative health effects. Some of the harmful effects of exposure to bisphenol A may include an increased risk of breast cancer, increased obesity, brain developmental effects in infants and children, heart disease, and diabetes, among many others. This long list of the potentially harmful effects to human health that could result from exposure to this compound, even in low doses, reveals how dangerous it can be and how much BPA free products are needed.

Because of all the potentially harmful effects of BPA in products, there are many advantages to BPA free plastics. For one, it is safe to use since it is non-toxic for you and your family. It is also easy since it is microwave and dishwasher safe. In contrast, products containing BPA are not microwave safe because the heat will cause the BPA to leach into the food or water that the product is in direct contact with. You will then be exposed to this harmful chemical when you eat the food from the plastic plate or drink water from a water bottle.

If you use plastics that do not contain this compound, then you will have the benefits of plastic products without the harmful effects. This means convenience for you, being able to store your food in a compact container. You will also have peace of mind because you won't have to worry about anything contaminating you and your family's food and drinks. Because of all the benefits that BPA free plastics have to offer, there are many stores which offer these products. Such products include durable, attractive plastic containers. For the well-being of your family, one should take steps to reduce the exposure to BPA and bottles and containers that do not contain BPA as much as possible.

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BPA Free Plastic Containers

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BPA Free Plastic Water Bottles

Plastic Containers For Food

How To Choose The Right Plastic Food Containers?

plastic containers for foodPlastic food containers...plastics often come into contact with foods both in storage, shipping, and selling or displaying various edible options. Plastics can help keep foods fresh and keep out unwanted debris. The main types of plastics impact food differently.

-PET, or Polyethylene terephthalate, is safe around food. It is used widely in soft drink bottles and condiment containers among other things. It is not known to leech chemicals onto foods or products. PET also has the benefit of being easily recyclable.

-HDPE, or High density polyethylene, is largely used in making plastic grocery bag and trash bags. It should also be safe in contact with edibles and has also should not leech chemicals onto foods.

-V, PVC, or Polyvinyl chloride, is a plastic often used in cling wrap such as that found on cheese and meats. This type of plastic is actually considered very bad, and will leech chemicals onto food, including some that are considered carcinogenic and harmful to humans, especially when ingested.

-LDPE stands for Low-density polyethylene. This plastic is used to make bread bags and freezer bags. It is not considered harmful to foods, but is also not as easily recycled as some other types of plastics.

-Polypropylene, or PP, is used for yogurt cups and some condiment bottles. It emits several harmful chemicals into foods, such as benzene. It also requires an excessive amount of energy to create and recycle.

-All other main types of plastics are often various polycarbonates. These are used to make plastic silverware and often microwave containers. These do leech chemicals into food, and also add levels of estrogen to edibles, which harmfully disrupt regular body function.

Of the many main types of plastics, and many places plastics are already found in our daily lives, PET may be one of the best options. PET is easily recycled and can be remade in to a variety of products, including more PET plastic containers.

It has been show to not leech chemicals or add biologically to food housed in our around it. PET is durable and lightweight, and provides a good seal against outside liquids or gases that could potentially contaminate the product.

PET is FDA approved, and widely accepted as a safe material for packaging and use with food. Found to be safe by the Food and Drug Administration, PET has been tested and found not to add indirect food additives. This means that the product stays safe and secure but is not altered by the packaging.

The many differing types of plastics can impact foods subtly but drastically. Plastics that are already encountered in our day to day lives many have harmful long term impacts on our health and wellbeing. Some choices are better than others, both in impact of food, and also in the impact on our planet and environment. A plastic that successfully protects food without adding chemicals or harming the health of the consumer will be the best option, and when the plastic is reclaimable the benefits stretch even further for both consumers and producers.

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Plastic Containers For Food

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