BPA Free Plastic Containers

What Is BPA Free Plastic Containers?

BPA Free Plastic ContainersBisphenol A, or BPA, is a compound commonly used in the production of plastics. It has been around in plastic products for more than fifty years and has been suspected of being hazardous since the 1930s. Not until 2008, though, have regular concerns of the use of this compound in plastics been raised. After several government reports were issued regarding its safety, many products containing this compound, such as water bottles, have been recalled and retailers have pulled them from their shelves. As a result, BPA free products are now in high demand.

BPA is an estrogen-mimicking compound. If the levels of this compound in a person are above the safety level, it can disrupt the natural function of the person's own hormones, leading to negative health effects. Some of the harmful effects of exposure to bisphenol A may include an increased risk of breast cancer, increased obesity, brain developmental effects in infants and children, heart disease, and diabetes, among many others. This long list of the potentially harmful effects to human health that could result from exposure to this compound, even in low doses, reveals how dangerous it can be and how much BPA free products are needed.

Because of all the potentially harmful effects of BPA in products, there are many advantages to BPA free plastics. For one, it is safe to use since it is non-toxic for you and your family. It is also easy since it is microwave and dishwasher safe. In contrast, products containing BPA are not microwave safe because the heat will cause the BPA to leach into the food or water that the product is in direct contact with. You will then be exposed to this harmful chemical when you eat the food from the plastic plate or drink water from a water bottle.

If you use plastics that do not contain this compound, then you will have the benefits of plastic products without the harmful effects. This means convenience for you, being able to store your food in a compact container. You will also have peace of mind because you won't have to worry about anything contaminating you and your family's food and drinks. Because of all the benefits that BPA free plastics have to offer, there are many stores which offer these products. Such products include durable, attractive plastic containers. For the well-being of your family, one should take steps to reduce the exposure to BPA and bottles and containers that do not contain BPA as much as possible.

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BPA Free Plastic Containers

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